Windows code signing and *Sales*

Calvin Waterbury cjw at
Fri Jan 14 14:53:09 EST 2011

Hello Product Developers,

I think I'll jump in here...

Why not just open your own store?  Yes, it is slow starting out, but 
word-of-mouth is the best advertising around.  Do a spread sheet and see 
if the lack of income in the beginning would be made up for once you 
start getting some sales where *YOU* keep all the profit.

As far as advertising goes...

<> Create useful utilities with your own particular personality for the 
genre you are targeting as freeware with subtle connections to your, 
more advanced offerings.

<> Sell some items on eBay, craigslist, etc. and include pictures that 
have "" in text at the bottom of the pic.  Be 
creative! [PS - Please forgive my ignorance of venues beyond the USA.]

<> After setting up your store, sign up and be somewhat active on forums 
in your genre.  Include simple links in your signatures. (Make sure it 
isn't against the rules.)  :)

<> Enter into "handshake agreements" with other developers here that 
have their own stores and symbiotically put links to their stores on 
your page and visa-versa.

<> [Place your creative selling technique here.]

This is my marketing scheme, unfortunately all of our businesses are 
being developed.  We *will* be operational and viable by summertime, so 
I guess check back with me in a year.  :)

Hope this inspires someone?  (If it does, please post back with your own 
ideas! :)

Fair winds,

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