Object Prefixation

Peter Haworth pete at mollysrevenge.com
Fri Jan 21 14:44:31 EST 2011

I'm probably missing something really obvious here but why do you need a naming convention for controls?  You already refer to them by what type of control they are (field "xyz", button "abc").  I'll disclose that I'm influenced by the development method I use where the name of a control defines various of its characteristics.

Pete Haworth

On Jan 21, 2011, at 10:48 AM, Richmond wrote:

> so; how about this:
> "fldTEXT" is a field
> "grfPIC" is a graphic
> "grpGROOP" is a group
> "imgIMAGE" is an image
> "btnKOPCHE" is a button
> and so on?
> Go, on; start arguing . . .  :)

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