Live LiveCode Coding Event #7

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Thu Jan 20 16:44:32 EST 2011

Hello Guys

We're back, and we brought Topics:

First we got a newcomer. Rob will present "The basics of using MySQL in a LiveCode Application", which is an introduction to SQL in LC.

Bjoernke (me) will show "The multiple futures of BvG Docu, and why some of them never came to be". I will also talk about the current future plans regarding this free add-on to LC.

After my show there'll be a surprise announcement, which has to do with charts, and of course we'll give away something again. This time, one luck winner gets the Take Control eBook (courtesy of TidBITS): "Take Control of Mac OS X Backups". So please visit their site:

FInally, David will take up his topic from last week, where he got slightly distracted by showing automatic menu creation via script parsing. He wants to show more in a similar vein, especially: "Drag and Drop Style sheets for LiveCode controls"

The show is on Saturday at these times:
Zurich: 20:00
Buenos Aires: 16:00
New York:  14:00 
San Francisco: 11:00
Sydney: 06:00

Make sure to use ChatRev during the happening, otherwise you might miss when you'll need to change to the other streams:
go stack URL ""

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