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Mon Jan 17 15:37:00 EST 2011

If you want to use a radio button group in a situation where the default, pre-selection state is required, you need a default button showing that 'select', 'default' or 'none' state - or alternatively use a picklist with a default value?

On 17 Jan 2011, at 20:25, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Colin Holgate wrote:
> > On Jan 17, 2011, at 3:03 PM, Bob Sneidar wrote:
> >
> >> I agree Colin. Users expect a radio button to be exactly one and
> >> only one of 2 or more choices. Checkboxes are expected to be none
> >> to any of one or more choices.
> >
> > It is an interesting interface issue though, and there can be cases
> > where you have to only make one choice, if you're interested to do
> > so, but if you accidentally do that there isn't a way to select
> > nothing again. Some dialogs solve that by having a Clear button,
> > though that seems wrong somehow.
> >
> > In Adobe products they have a not bad solution to the issue. Next to
> > some drop down menus are checkboxes. If you make a selection from the
> > menu, the checkbox next to it gets checked. There are several of
> > these within the same dialog, and so you can easily specify a lot of
> > things at once, and if you have made an incorrect selection, you can
> > uncheck the box next to that menu.
> That can be a good solution.  Or if you need to have the options visible as radio buttons, you could consider a third labeled "None".
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