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>> Yes, it's once per year/two years/three years, whichever you choose.
> Rather like Apple's annual developer program fee.
> But it's not 30% each time you make a sale. ;)

True, but Commodo isn't helping me sell my product to every mac user going
forward either :-)

Personally I don't think that 30% is a big deal. When pricing your software
you always take into account that you want to be able to have sales, offer
coupons, etc. and still make enough money for it to be worth it.

As much of a departure as the App Store is from what we are accustomed to as
developers, the reality is that the App Store is a really good experience
for the buyer. It is simple to use and it is easy to press that little "Buy"
button and have it charged to that credit card that Apple already has on

Will the App Store be worth it for developers in the end? We will see. I
want to be in there to find out though.

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