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On Jan 13, 2011, at 12:52 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 1/13/11 12:15 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:
>> Livecode is a great tool but the IDE is full of user interface
>> weirdnesses as far as I'm concerned.  There are three different
>> Find/Replace dialogs and you're never sure which one will pop up when
>> you press command-F.
> They're contextual. The right one appears depending on what you're doing. I can only think of two though, the one in the script editor and the general one for stack searches.

The script editor find has a variation when you click the "More..." button.  I've seen that window come up sometimes when I select Find from the edit menu but can't pin down just when that happens.
>> The File menu contents are completely different
>> depending on which window is active.
> Menus are contextual too. It's only an issue on OS X, which doesn't have menu bars in the windows. On other operating systems it's pretty clear because the menu is part of the window; script editor menus are attached to the script editor window, for example.

Sure I understand that.  But there are only four options on the File Menu when the script editor window is active - Apply, Save, Close, and Print.  Apply has a button on the script editor window so why not have buttons for the other functions on the script editor window and leave the File menu as it is when a stack window has focus. I shouldn't have to switch to a stack window in order to open another stack file.  Or open the Message Box or the Application Browser.

>> The  message box appears and
>> disappears at what seem to be completely random intervals.
> It isn't really random, it's whether a script editor has the focus or not. You can turn off that behavior in preferences. On small monitors, it's convenient to hide the message box and other palettes when a script is open to save screen space. On larger monitors it isn't necessary. I always turn off hiding.

>> How nice
>> would it be to have an Application Browser option to list stacks, not
>> cards, in alphabetical order.
> For mainstacks that would be nice. I'd like to keep the substacks attached to them the way they are now though.

That's why I said it should be an option :-)  I have around 40 substacks in my application and trying to find a specific one in the Application Browser is a pain, particularly since I can;t tell what order they are in - maybe sorted by the date they were created?  
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