Slug saves the day. Was Layers, revNavigator, & DataGrids

Paul Looney support at
Thu Jan 13 13:53:48 EST 2011

Thank you all!

To summarize since yesterday morning:

Question #1
I asked "Can you recommend something for layering objects in LC 4.5.1  
and later?"

Tereza suggested using Chipp's altLayer Tool and showed me where to  
find it (I had the same problem that Bob and Phil had locating it). I  
emailed Chipp to arrange payment; he replied that it was free!?!  
Unfortunately, while this utility moves objects within groups, it  
does not move them into, out of, or between groups - which is what I  
need (more on that in a moment). I do appreciate Chipp's (typical)  
generosity regarding this and would like to note that we use his  
Magic Carpet for every change in any of our programs - often many  
times a day.

Geoff confirmed that the problems with the current revNavigator were  
not my imagination.

So it appears that there is no way to adjust layers into, out of, or  
between groups in the LC world today.

Why do I care?
My major use of LC is for the Ahsomme Business System. It does order  
processing, accounting, purchasing, inventory control, job costing,  
machine-loading, employee scheduling, material requirement planning,  
etc. It is complex; there are over 20 databases, over 50 standard  
report templates (plus a report maker), and more than 50 auxillary  
programs. Some of these individual programs are also complex; the  
Orders Editor, for example, has 144 buttons and 436 fields (not  
counting objects in datagrid groups).
Right now I am working on a Production Status program for a company  
in New Zealand. This program uses multiple datagrids. There is a grid  
for pending orders, a grid showing the orders selected to be put in  
process, grids for materials required to support production, a grid  
comparing required material to uncommitted materials on hand and  
purchased materials due in, and several more. Obviously it is not  
possible to display everything on the screen at the same time. So, we  
hide and show groups - a lot. Usually these groups will contain one  
or more datagrids, plus additional fields or buttons. It is critical  
to have the ability to quickly and easily move newly created objects  
into the proper group. revNavigator did this perfectly, I can not  
begin to say how grateful I am to have had it!

Quoting Peter: Geoff Canyon, can you convince that developer of yours  
to do something about this...?  :-)

Question #2
I asked "Is there a way to fix the broken datagrid?"

I had already concluded that the grid was broken because the behavior  
of the grid was no longer linked - as the Slug and Trevor suggested.  
I had tried:

set the behavior of grp "myDataGrid" to button id 1005 of stack  

which did nothing, not even an error.

I had also tried:

set the behavior of grp "myDataGrid" to button id 1005 of stack &
quote & "revDataGridLibrary" & quote

which gave a binary error.

The Slug's recipe:

set the behavior of grp "myDataGrid" to "button id 1005 of stack " &
quote & "revDataGridLibrary" & quote

worked. With that fix the grid started displaying the text from dgText.
This also reverted other properties to their defaults, for example,  
before the fix the columns were their original and proper width but  
the columnWidth properties were empty; after the fix the columnWidth  
properties (and the columns themselves) were all "100". This is  
actually a minor problem for us and we can easily make manual repairs  
to these properties.

Trevor's list of Behaviors will help us reset all of default links  
without completely rebuilding the stack (an unimaginable exercise).

Thank you all.
Paul Looney

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