ID's are settable???

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jan 13 12:46:57 EST 2011

David Bovill wrote:

> Richard - what happens in your test if you reset the ids of objects - can
> you reset the stack ID and hence that of all newly created objects by some
> combination of setting all the obects say back to their fressh id status?
> That is is the stack id not automatically created as the incremental
> increase of the biggest real id - and not stored as a prop? If so it should
> work to reset the ids back to 1002++ with or without resetting the stack id?

Apparently you can set the ID of a stack to a higher number than it 
currently is, but attempting to set it to a lower number will generate 
an error stating "invalid id (must be greater than current id)".

This is reasonable to expect given the stack's unique role as the 
arbiter of IDs:  as long as there's no internal list of all IDs 
currently in use (and given the compact size of stack files I certainly 
don't mind that there isn't), if you could set the stack ID lower you 
would risk creating a new object whose ID would conflict with an 
existing one.

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