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Thu Jan 13 09:15:34 EST 2011

Buongiorno Paolo,:

> Hi all,
> I am working with LiveCode 4.5.3 / Mac and it happened to me something
> weird.
> If I set the background color of the stack to black, and then I send an
> "answer" command, using the IDE I get the standard grey answer dialog
> window. Fine.
> But, if I export the stack, and I send an "answer" command from the
> applications (mac and windows), the answer dialog window I get has a BLACK
> background color.
> In other words, the answer dialog windows in the applications are whole
> black !!!
> I think this is a bug. How can I fix it ??

it looks like a bug, but isn't :-)

The Ask and Answer Dialog stacks do not have their background color property set!
(Should they???)

In the IDE they "inherit" this property from the "home" stack (? not sure) and in
a standalone they "inherit" this property from your mainstack, which is black in your case.

So you should do something like this:
set the backgroundcolor of stack "Answer Dialog" to white ## or whatever
answer ...

Same for the ASK dialog.

> All the best
> Paolo Mazza



Klaus Major
klaus at

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