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Marty Knapp martyknapp at
Tue Jan 11 00:36:06 EST 2011

Thank you for your thoughts Stephen, I appreciate it.

Marty Knapp
> Quicken has these issues too  - no custom dialog box for writing checks
> except one that opens before to the Print dialog that asks for the starting
> number and the app decides how many copies are needed.  I've never changed
> the "number of copies" field when using Quicken, but I imagine printing
> dupicates of checks with wrong numbers would be bad so I don't do it.
> Quicken is a pretty popular app. My take is don't worry about it. You
> certainly won't be violating HUI 'standards' whaever they are. Perhaps we
> all should give users the benefit of the doubt - can't hand-hold everything,
> or provide for every eventuality. Print handlers are complex and best left
> to the system way. It would be more of a HUI mistake to make your own dialog
> that may throw the user.
> MacOS does allow for a special pane for the application - like used in
> Safari - and might be something that could be set up with an external.
> On 9 January 2011 16:03, Marty Knapp<martyknapp at>  wrote:
>> Has anyone rolled their own print dialog for Mac? I'm working on an app
>> that I hope to get into the Mac App Store and am concerned about violating
>> the HIG. Currently my users have a choice of how many cards to print per
>> page, along with a few other options that need to be set before I call for
>> the print dialog. I have to inform the user not to change the quantity in
>> the subsequent standard mac print dialog, as that will potentially print
>> multiple copies of a multi-card page, which might confuse people.
>> But looking at the dictionary, it doesn't look like there are too many
>> options when making you own print dialog. For instance, if you're printing
>> to an ink jet printer, I see the only color option is on or off - no control
>> over the type of paper (plain, high-gloss, etc). As my printers here don't
>> have multiple paper trays, I can't tell if that shows up in printerFeatures.
>> Any advice for me?
>> Thank you,
>> Marty Knapp

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