How do I set the icon from an OSX app to a button?

Colin Holgate coiin at
Sun Jan 9 11:22:22 EST 2011

I think I see the problem now. There are lots of ways to get the icon manually, or with utilities, but suppose you're making a Dock utility for the user, and want them to pick any application to assign to a button, you would want LC to get the icon on the fly.

Photo Booth's icons are stored in the file PhotoBooth.icns. Mail's is stored in app.icns. Photoshop has its ones in PS_AppIcons.icns. So it may end up being tricky to know what the icon file is called. You could look at all of the files in the resources folder, and see which ones are icns. If there's only one then that would be the right file.

I'm not sure though how you would then extract the 32x32 icon from the set of images in the icns file.

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