ControlKeyDown problem - still not working w/Windows

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Wed Jan 5 14:49:20 EST 2011


For one thing, I have four Macs on my desks and no room for PCs; another, it would be a sacrilege to have a real PC on sacred Mac grounds! (smile) My friends could then say - "he, too, finally succumbed to the M$ voodoo magic".

Incidentally, I thought it was interesting to note that Intel and AMD are "finally" putting an emphasis on graphics processing; something that Apple touted as their advantage with the old Motorola PowerPC chips Macs used to use. I've still never been clear about whether Apple was using a smoke screen or whether the PowerPC chips really were inferior, and the reason Apple switched to using Intel chips. Out of my control anyway, since for me it was always the GUI and not the chips, though I spent years learning to program in Assembler for the various 68000 chips.

Regardless of how cheap, I've better things to do with my money. Actually, except for this controlKey issue, my Virtual PC has tested RunRev apps flawlessly. It was bad enough when I had to shell out good money for the XP OS. BTW, there IS a Preference in Fusion for mapping from Cmd Keys to Control Keys; but, with what LC already does, I haven't figured out the necessary combination yet.

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On Jan 5, 2011, at 11:20 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
>> I guess I need to burn a CD and test this on somebody's real PC. Thanks for the confirmation Jacqui.
> Good for now, but I can't recommend having a PC on hand strongly enough.
> PCs are cheap, and second-hand ones more so.  You can probably pick up a decent second-hand PC through Craig's List with a Core 2 Duo for a couple hundred buck.
> Not only will you have a native-iron test bed, but every geek enjoys the pleasure of watching multiple computers work their butts off while we sit back and enjoy our coffee. ;)
> Extra bonus points:  you could set it up with a dual boot and put Ubuntu on it for even more deployment options at your disposal.  With the recent enhancements RunRev made for the Linux engine, it's quite nice these days.
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