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Marty Knapp martyknapp at
Mon Jan 3 12:36:43 EST 2011

What about placing everything that will be behind your dialog into a 
group, then disable the group when showing the dialog and enabling it 
when it closes?

Marty Knapp
> Please, anyone...
> In my current app I'm attempting to mitigate the very small text dialogs that appear in the Windows' version of applications by rolling my own. Some Dialogs such as the page setup present some major challenges to doing this, but with others it's not really much of a problem; however, I would like the ones that I do create make their appearance as sheets. Can that be done? Also... I'm not using stacks for these Dialogs. I'm just creating Text fields with overlying buttons. The problem with this is that I need to implement a method by which these "Dialogs" can be modal in behavior. I am doing that by including a mouseUp handler in the stack script that requires certain activity when a given item is visible. Anyone have a better method of doing this? Is there something already built in that does this?
> TIA,
> Joe Lewis Wilkins
> Architect&  Director of Product Development for GSI
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