formattedHeight and scrollbars

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A fun revlet.

The way you made it, it can be seen that a horizontal scrollbar not only takes up its own height, but intrudes that amount into the lower part of the field as well. That is why it takes twice its height from the formattedHeight.

But when I just add a hor scrollbar to a field, by changing the hScrollBar property, the scrollbar only subtends a portion of the bottom of the field. The bottom does not move. Nonetheless, per the original post, the formattedheight loses more than it seems it ought to. I am playing with this, and it seems that it may not have anything to do with the actual height of the Hor scrollBar.

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Hi Claus,

I made a little revlet that shows what impacts the formattedHeight of a

among other things the scrollbars and their size furthermor the margins, the
borderwith the textsize and the textheight. I hope I did not forget
anything. Before 4.5 on a Mac the focusborder also added to the
formattedHeight if I remember correctly.

Kind regards

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