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Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Wed Feb 16 13:20:15 EST 2011

You are then saying that Apple has violated some contract or agreement, or at least a commonly understood "fair practices" common law with the vendors. Well and good. There's grounds for a lawsuit then. 

But character assassinations of people we do not at all know personally, behind the impenetrable shield of the Internet, seems to me a bit cowardly. I am sensitive to these kinds of attack, because I have been the victim of them for years in the past and only found out later what was going on. A person I had pissed off by not giving them what they thought they were "owed" (admin rights to "his" computer) had been badmouthing me with everyone everywhere he went at work. I had such a bad reputation for being mean spirited, that people who had never met me before were actually afraid of me. I couldn't understand why when I went waaay out of my way to be kind considerate and polite to people that they still treated me like I was their enemy. It really got me down for a long time until someone had the courage to tell me that this person had been talking badly about me for years. 

When I finally confronted him about it, the whole thing revolved around the fact that I had gotten management to tell him to stop disabling SSH and Remote Management on the Mac that was really owned by the company, not him. That was it. Years of character assassination because of a personal hair up his arse. 

So when people talk about what a jerk Steve Jobs is, they may be right, but only by accident, because they DO NOT KNOW HIM. 


On Feb 16, 2011, at 9:57 AM, David C. wrote:

> Bob said:
>>> If vendors do not like the deal, they don't have to sign the contract.
>>> If users do not like Apple practices, they can avoid buying the product.
> What you are overlooking is that vendors like Amazon have already
> invested who knows how much, to build and provide first class
> applications for Apple products and their customers.
> ...and more than just a few Apple customers already have an investment
> in content from vendors such as Amazon that could largely become
> useless, without buying a new device.
> The pure audacity of Mr. Jobs or Apple in general, to continually try
> and impose their will upon developers, vendors and ultimately the end
> user is beyond anything we have ever seen previously in the computer
> industry. Microsoft at their worst, hasn't even come close.
> Unfortunately, Apple is headed by little more than an egotistical
> madman who wants control of everything and everyone around him.
> And that's just my 2¢ also.
> The "People" advocate. ;-)
> Best regards,
> David C.
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