Extended 80-bit hex floating point (IEEE?) conversion

Jim Ault jimaultwins at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 22:44:32 EST 2011

On Feb 4, 2011, at 7:01 PM, stephen barncard wrote:

> I could use some help here.. I want to detect other sample rates.  
> The ones
> above were determined by examining them in sound files with known  
> rates.
> How would I convert these 80 bit hex floating point numbers to the  
> values
> shown and back again?. Baseconvert doesn't work with this many hex
> characters. (linked is some C source...)
> surely this can be done in Livecode...

I think that
would help you here.
I have used it in the past to handle mixed text ascii and bit-encoded  
data conversions

--- example from 5 years ago
parsing a 32 bit string, then
resolving the stored value for a stock trading program
The reason for the compressions of the data is that the data feed  
protocol was designed in the days of dial up-acoustic couplers and  
bytes really mattered.

(This was just after the days of using acoustic couplers to send morse  
code between computers at Western Union :-)

----single range to a single variable
function showInt32 binStr
   --put "011111000110000000" into binStr
   put "B32" into cc
   get binaryDecode(tolower(cc),binStr,theHex)
   --if "0" is not in theHex then breakpoint

   put 0 into summ
   put the length of theHex into maxx
   repeat with x = 0 to maxx
     put 2^(maxx-x-1) into mult
     put 2^(x) into mult
     --add char (x+1) of binStr * mult to summ
     get char x+1 of theHex
     get it * mult
     add it to summ
   end repeat
   --put summ & "  < " & theHex
   return summ
end showInt32
Here is a way of parsing a long ascii string of values into their  
variable names you define
This converts UDP packets from an industry data source fed real time.
Note that numHses will vary with each packet, so the repeat loop  
handles this changing length format

I am using trick to parsing to a 'remainder' variable by  
'sum(firstInt, secondInt, thirdInt)
thus 'a49a1a2a(INT)' is the correct string to pass to the fuction as  

on convertRU tempp  --long ascii string

   put "a49a1a2a"&length(tempp)-sum(49,1,2) into str
   put binarydecode(str,tempp,raceData,rcStatus,numHses,remainder)  
into success
   put remainder into tempp

   put numHses*1 into numHses
   put "a"&numhses&"a"&length(tempp)-sum(numhses) into str
   put binarydecode(str,tempp,statusEnt,remainder) into success
   put remainder into tempp

   put "a2a"&length(tempp)-sum(2) into str
   put binarydecode(str,tempp,numBetTypes,remainder) into success
   put remainder into tempp

   repeat with x = 0 to (numBetTypes-1)
     put char (x*3+1) to (x*3+3) of remainder &tab after poolList
   end repeat
   put char ((x+1)*3+1) to -1 of remainder into remainder
   delete last char of poolList
   put "raceData,rcStatus,numHses, statusEnt, numBetTypes, poolList"  
into doVars
   repeat for each item ITM in doVars
     put value(ITM) & tab after output
   end repeat
   put space before char 3 of output
   put output & cr before fld trappedMsgsUserView
end convertRU

Hope this helps

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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