datagrid: rows disapear when add new row

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Tue Feb 1 19:52:10 EST 2011

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 6:27 PM, JosepM <jmyepes at> wrote:

> I don't remember why I use ResetList but sometimes doesn't refresh
> correctly.
> The bug success when you scroll down to edit the row that is out of the
> viewable area. But only the first time, if you add many rows and scroll
> down
> and edit, nothing happen.
> This happen with a fresh datagrid.
> 1) create a datagrid with 6 rows and 4 cols visibles. Left the properties
> by
> default.
> 2) add 5 rows and edit the col 2 and col 3. Tab from col 3 to col 4.
> 3) add the 6th row and edit col 2 and col 3 and press tab until col 4. The
> value filled into col 3 isn't showed.
> 4) add the 7th row and scroll and edit. The scroll isn't showed auto, you
> must scroll down.
> 5) if you add another row, all data flash and disappear. The data still
> here
> but isn't showed.

I created the data grid as specified above and used your mouseUp
script. This code worked fine in my tests. What version of LiveCode are you
using and what do you get if you execute the following in the message box:

put the uRIP["version"]  of stack "revDataGridLibrary" && the
uRIP["buildnumber"] of stack "revDataGridLibrary"

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