Nested Group Frustrations

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Pete, there really should be no need to go through the ungrouping hoops you're jumping through. In fact, take a look at the contextual menu you get when right clicking that includes "paste into group" -- this auto opens the group, pastes whatever object is currently on the clipboard, and stops editing the group.  Really handy for a quick addition to a group.  In probably 10 years or more of working with LiveCode type development, I have never run into a situation where ungrouping was needed to get an object into a group, and as others have said, you risk loosing scripts associated with the group, so you'd do well to avoid that practice.

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That's a great book - read a couple years back.  The one example that
sticks in my mind is - don;t put a pull handle on a door if you can only
push it open!

I'm feeling a lot better about editing groups now but there are still some
circumstances that I don;t see any alternative but to ungroup and group
again.  Specifically, if there is an existing control that I want to place
into a group.  Using the Edit Group function doesn't help with that.  Yes,
I could have used the message box to create the control in the group but in
this case, I didn't know I would want it in the group ahead of time (due to
a card redesign).  Plus I'd be much more inclined to do that if created
controls bore at least some close resemblance to the controls created by
dragging them from the tools palette!

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 4:31 PM, Alejandro Tejada <capellan2000 at>wrote:

> This conversation brings me memories from
> the book "The Psychology of Everyday Things".
> Now renamed as "The Design of Everyday Things"
> - Understand the causes of errors and design to minimize errors
> - Make it possible to undo actions before errors occur
> - Make it easier to discover errors, and make them easier to correct
> - Change our attitude toward errors. There are many ways to deal with
> potential errors.
> A simple popUp warning about the correct way to edit nested groups
> could prevent many foreseable problems in the future.
> These warnings should be available for new installations with the
> prevision that advanced users should be able to turn them off
> ONE by ONE.
> Al
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