Nested Group Frustrations

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Thank you MIke and Jacque, that helps a lot!

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> On 12/30/11 1:00 PM, Pete wrote:
>  Maybe I'm not aware of all the IDE capabilities for editing groups in
>> terms
>> of adding more controls to them.  For a top level group, it's simple.
>>  Just
>> select the group, ungroup, shift-click the new controls, and group.
>>  Trying
>> to do the same for a nested group seems to be pretty much impossible
>> without ungrouping the whole group hierarchy.
> Don't do it that way. Disaster ensues.
> To edit a group, select the group either in the app browser or by turning
> off "select grouped" in the toolbar and clicking the group. Then in the
> toolbar click "edit group". When you are done editing, click the toolbar
> button again to stop editing.
> For nested groups, work your way down through them. Edit the top layer
> group, select the next one, edit that one, select the innermost one, edit
> that one. Then work your way back up by clicking "edit group" (which stops
> editing) a few times.
> It is very rare that I ever actually need to edit a group that way though.
> Usually I just keep "select grouped" turned on so I can manage the controls
> directly. If I need a new control it's often easier to just create it from
> the message box ("create button 'whatever' in group 'nestedGroup'") or else
> I option-drag-copy an existing control and change its properties. Dragging
> off a new control inside a group keeps it in the same group as the
> original. I realize this is a geeky workaround, but in deeply nested groups
> it's just quicker.
> Ungrouping can cause loss of not only the groups, but also their scripts
> in certain cases. Try to avoid ungrouping unless you really mean it.
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