Nested Group Frustrations

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Fri Dec 30 14:17:30 EST 2011

Make sure "select grouped" is not turned on.
Click your toplevel group.

Click "edit group"
you are now in a screen that shows ONLY that groups objects. If you click
on a group of that group you can again "edit group" and view only its items
and again select a group in that subgroup and "edit group again". When
you're done with your bottom level group, click edit group to go up a
level. In this way you can dig up and down through your groups pretty much
like a directory hierarchy with the exception that if you are in the
toplevel you can see all groups contained and all their groups. As you go
dig down you only see a more and more refined view.

Also, you can use script to put things into and take things out of groups.
(even from the message box) so depending on what you need done that might
be an answer also.

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 12:00 PM, Pete <pete at> wrote:

> I've just gone though a frustrating hour or so trying to deal with editing
> the contents of a group nested three layers deep in other groups,
> culminating in the loss of the outer group and all its component groups.
>  Thank goodness for backups!
> Maybe I'm not aware of all the IDE capabilities for editing groups in terms
> of adding more controls to them.  For a top level group, it's simple.  Just
> select the group, ungroup, shift-click the new controls, and group.  Trying
> to do the same for a nested group seems to be pretty much impossible
> without ungrouping the whole group hierarchy.
> What I ended up doing is create a new substack, select the nested group in
> the application browser, copy it, then paste it into the new substack.  I
> do all the editing I need to do in the substack then paste the group back
> into the original stack.  I've also used RevNavigator to drag and drop
> controls into an existing group - that works pretty nicely but I've had
> some issues with RevNavigator, mainly that the control list sometimes isn't
> populated for some reason.
> I'm curious to know if I'm missing something obvious and if not, how other
> folks deal with editing the contents of nested groups.
> Thanks,
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> Pete
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