Trouble with button icon images

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Dec 24 11:22:32 CST 2011

On 12/24/11 10:45 AM, Pete wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> Changing the ID fixes the problem, thanks.  What might be the cause of this?

ID conflicts. Each stack can have its own ID numbering, so another 
control somewhere may have had the same ID. If the image with the 
conflicting ID is large or has transparent areas, it may have looked 
like the icon was empty.

Besides using a substack, you can also place all your icon images in a 
group on the mainstack and then unplace the group from all cards. 
They'll be accessible from anywhere, you won't need an extra stack, and 
no card will display them. ID conflicts can still occur, so each image 
will need a unique ID.

> On a related topic, I'm wondering what are the advantages/disadvantages of
> using the Image Library versus putting the application's images in a
> substack.  I used to import my images into the Image Library and refer to
> them directly in there but changed to using a substack because I got the
> impression from some list posts that it might not be a good idea to use the
> Image Library (can't remember why).

The image library is a convenient storage area for commonly used 
content, but it won't automatically move your images to your stack. That 
means if you distribute the stack or a standalone, the images will be 
missing. Use the library's "place" button to move the images into your 
working stack where they can be found.

It's no different than importing images from disk, but for things you 
use often the library is more convenient. I have a couple of image 
libaries I use all the time.

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