Wanted: Neophytes ftp Client

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Dec 18 15:11:58 EST 2011

Bob Earp wrote:

> The Problem:
> I support a bunch of seniors located around the world that wish to share files on occasions.  Small files are OK as they get attached to eMail, but large files are a bugger.  Unfortunately the site being used is on a shared server, so web site solutions such as Remository time-out.  I can ftp the files to the server, but then the problem is most of the other users are absolute neophytes when it comes to ftp clients.  Yep, I know clients like FileZilla are not that difficult to set up and use, but you try to step an 80 year old through the process, and expect them to remember it  !!
> The Solution:
> We can use a fixed (hard wIred) URL, so I was thinking of putting together a "Neophytes ftp Client" with the following features (hopefully);
> - Cross platform (no problem with that using LC)
> - Start & Stop buttons which connect or disconnect the stack to the server.  Just so the user can see that things are working.
> - Field with list of files at the remote URL with (preferably) file name & extension, date and size.
> - Upload button that opens a dialogue box to select a file from the local machine.
> - Download button that requires the user to select a file from the list of remote files
> - Upload/Download progress bar (nice to have)
> Before I start to create something from scratch, it came to mind that somebody may have already written something with similar features.  Anybody know of such ?

Back in 2004 I wrote an article for MacTech magazine using a simple FTP 
client as an example of the power of high-level languages like LiveCode:


It's not exactly what you're looking for, but you're welcome to use 
anything in the article that may be helpful.

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