Visual effects delay...

Keith (Gulf Breeze Ortho Lab) keith at
Fri Dec 16 18:32:19 EST 2011

Okay... From the Dictionary:


Use the dontUseQT property to test operation of a stack using the built-in 
MCI video on Windows systems, or to use built-in visual effects rather than 
QuickTime effects.

Cool! For Windows, I will use:

on preOpenStack
   if the platform is "Win32" then set the dontUseQT to true
end preOpenStack

Thanks again guys!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Cheers from Florida,

- Boo

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Hi Mark,

That did it! Thanks! 8-)

By the way... If setting "dontUseQT to true" in an app. for the Mac, will
the wipe effect still work?

Thanks again,

- Boo

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Hi Boo,

Probably, QuickTime is loading the first time you use a visual effect.
Getting the qtVersion before using a visual effect might fix this.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 16 dec 2011, at 23:50, Keith (Gulf Breeze Ortho Lab) wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have a standalone (running under Windows 7) that has a problem... From 
> the LiveCode IDE, everything works as expected. However, when I create a 
> standalone .exe file and run it, there is a delay on the first screen when 
> clicking on the Next button. The card transition is set to a "wipe left" 
> visual effect. The problem is, when I load the program and click on the 
> Next button for the first time, there is a long delay (almost 4 seconds), 
> then the next card loads by wiping left. When I click on the Back button 
> the speed is normal, and when I click on the Next button again, the speed 
> is normal... The problem only occurs when I click on the Next button for 
> the first time. (This looks very awkward and unprofessional.) I removed 
> the visual effect and tried it, and the speed is normal. (So the problem 
> obviously has something to do with using a visual effect.)
> Any idea as to why this is the case? Again, it works as expected when 
> running the stack in the LiveCode IDE...
> Thanks,
> - Boo

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