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On 12/11/11 1:55 PM, edward cawley wrote:
> how can I see what is happening in the
> simulator, what is it downloading? I can't check it on the desktop
> since I get an execution error on the ios control command?

You can log whatever you need in the simulator, and the output will show 
up in the Console application. Whenever you want to see the result of a 
command or the value of a variable, use a plain "put":

put "" into tURL
put tURL -- sends the variable value to Console

I often create a handler called "log" so that I don't have to track down 
and remove all those "puts" later on:

on log pData
   put pData
end log

Then whenever I need to see output, I just add a "log" command to my 

   log "Variable value is:" && myVar

If you don't want all that output showing up in Console in your final 
standalone, just comment out the body of the log handler before you 
build and nothing will happen. (Don't remove the whole handler or you'll 
get a "handler not found" error.)

Keep Console open at the same time as the simulator, with All Messages 
showing. You'll see the "put" commands go scrolling by. You can filter 
the output so it's easier to see by filtering for the simulator only, 
whose name escapes me right now, but you'll see it.

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