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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Dec 5 11:45:57 EST 2011

Mark Schonewille wrote:

 > On 5 dec 2011, at 16:53, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Agreed.  Please note that I didn't make a feature request, just
 >> wondering if one can trap existing messages/properties to prevent
 >> this undocumented behavior.
 > You can set the cantSelect of objects to true. That should solve
 > it in most cases, unless... you have a picture that needs to be
 > selectable :-)

Indeed, there's the rub. ;)

There are sometimes unexpected-but-fully-understandable side-effects 
with using the cantSelect property, but very useful for certain things 
like using a graphic at the back of a drawing group to catch 
drag-and-drop messages.

Someday I'll get around to finishing my port of SuperCard's SampleDraw 
example app in LC to illustrate this sort of thing.

While I occasionally complain about some of the nuances with the 
differences between SC and LC pointer tool behaviors, in all fairness I 
have to admit that having groups with the option of turning off their 
selectGroupedControls, coupled with having a scrolling group that can 
occupy only part of a window rather than require the whole window, makes 
some aspects of creating custom drawing environments in LC much more 
powerful than anything I've used before.

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