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On 8/30/11 2:41 PM, Admin wrote:
> Good job! My guess would be the android OS and not Live Code.
> Sounds like a encoder/decoder issue.

I'm thinking it might be a clipping issue, but I don't know if it's 
Android or LiveCode. I believe LiveCode just uses OS calls, which would 
point to Android. One of my longer sounds always played, but sometimes 
the end got clipped off before the playback was complete. I added some 
silence to that one too, even though for a while it was the only sound 
that did play, and that fixed it. Since some of the sounds were just a 
fraction of a second long, it would make sense that clipping would case 
nothing to play, because the clipped part would encompass the actual 
sound content.

> Personally, I am having a hell of
> a time deploying to android. I wrote a small app to test sounds and
> found out I could not deploy it properly, even though in another program
> I can deploy to android without a problem.

There's a bug fix for that in the bug database, #9682. The fix is 
integrated into the next upcoming release, but for now maybe this will help:


Follow these steps as a work around for those using 4.6.3:

1) Open up the folder where you have installed the Android SDK

2) In there should be a sub folder named platforms and a sub folder named
platform-tools. Within the platforms folder should be a folder named 
Create a new folder in the android-8 folder and name it "tools".

3) Copy the contents of the platform-tools folder (located at the base 
of the
SDK, next to the platforms folder) into the newly created tools folder.

4) For those using Mac, an additional step is needed.  Navigate to the newly
created tools folder and replace the file dx with the file attached to this


I think you're on Windows so you won't need step 4. Mac people can go to 
the QCC at <> and download 
the file from there.

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