LC --> Website ?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Mon Aug 29 02:04:58 EDT 2011

On Aug 26, 2011, at 11:53 PM, Bernard Devlin wrote:

> That's not necessarily true and many (most?) professional website
> designers do use tools like Dreamweaver (or whatever Adobe is calling
> that these days).  It is IMO only an elite group of web designers who
> produce their pages programmatically.  Between people producing
> designs in Photoshop (or hacking pre-designed templates) and people
> who hand-code in Notepad, lies a whole sea of people who use
> html-specific design tools. 

> I hope that is of some help.
> Bernard

Very helpful indeed. You've offered generous assistance, for which I am very grateful. Others on this thread have also been kind and knowledgeable. Thanks to all.


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