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Bob Earp rjearp at
Sat Aug 27 11:23:28 EDT 2011

Hi Chip, 
It certainly would be cool !!  But don't we have a half-way (at least) solution using LiveCode ?   If Timothy wishes to use the ease/features of LiveCode, couldn't he host his existing site on the on-Rev server and then plonk chunks of LV functionality on his pages ?

What would be the downside of that ?  

best, Bob.

PS, best to Dan when you see him next.

Bob Earp
White Rock, British Columbia.

> Hi Timothy,
> The simple answer to your question is, nope. You can't just design your website on cards and have it convert to a website-- wouldn't that be cool if you could!
> Websites are typically created from HTML, CSS, and sometimes serverside scripting which helps fill in the dynamic portions of the website. Sometimes database calls also need to be made as well.
> You can use LC for the serverside scripting, but you'll still need to do the HTML and CSS for the look and feel for your website. If this is all a bit complicated, you may want to try some of the self serve website builders available out there. Many of them require no previous knowledge of HTML, CSS, or scripting whatsoever
> Chipp Walters
> CEO, Shafer Walters Group, Inc

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