End of an Era: Steve Jobs

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Aug 27 10:25:02 EDT 2011

Richmond wrote:

> So, next time we get cheesed-off by an apparently random or capricious
> act on the half of Kevin Miller
> we can sublimate our frustration by softly repeating to ourselves "he's
> just emulating Steve jobs' way
> of doing things" . . .   :)


RunRev Ltd. Introduces Royalties, Bans Third-Party Add-Ons

August 27, Edinburgh - RunRev Ltd. announced today that the company is 
introducing a new royalty program for LiveCode, their popular 
multi-platform software development toolkit.   Developers using the 
toolkit will now enjoy paying 10% of all proceeds earned from their 
LiveCode-based applications to RunRev Ltd.  In a related move, the 
company is also ending its RevSelect program, explicitly prohibiting 
third parties from distributing tools for other LiveCode developers.

"In talking with our customers, we find that too many of them use 
accounting systems that are far too simple, resulting in excessive 
downtime within their organizations" said Kevin Miller, CEO of RunRev 
Ltd.  "With this new royalty program, developers can really play at the 
level of much bigger software companies, at least in terms of accounting 
overhead.  We always strive to deliver a truly professional experience, 
and by reducing our developers' margins we're able to demonstrate that 

On the ending of RevSelect, Miller said, "We believe that customers 
simply don't want choice in their tools.  We can't have the company 
limited by the demands of third-party developers.  If we don't provide 
it out of the box, it isn't needed."

The response to the moves throughout the LiveCode developer community 
has been enthusiastic.  Long-time LiveCode developer and ardent fanboy 
Chipp Walters said, "This is a tremendous move forward for LiveCode. 
Kevin Miller's a true visionary, and if he says I don't need choice then 
that's more than good enough for me. I'm thrilled at the opportunity to 
throw away many years' worth of effort making add-on tools to 
demonstrate my support for him. And I can't wait to start writing him 
royalty checks.  I've been making way too much money, and this will 
bring our balance sheet in line with development houses using other tools."

LiveCode is available for OS X and iOS for US$499, with Windows, Linux, 
and Android versions available at US$4,995 each.


(The above is a joke, of course)

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