LC 4.6.3 Gotcha?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Fri Aug 26 23:15:48 EDT 2011


If memory serves, I upgraded from LC 4.5.x to 4.6.3 a few days ago.

I just noticed a script that has worked reliably for years has stopped working. No error messages.

Has anything changed in this upgrade?

I'm tracing my way through the script. It looks like a handler isn't getting sent.

else if procedure = "billingNote2" then
      answer "we got to landmark 45622"
      answer the result
    do otherstuff
   end if
end mouseUp

I'm getting the landmark. Not getting an answer dialog with the result.

The handler "billingNote2" is in a background script of the schedule stack. A previous line is:

go to stack "schedule"

"answer the short name of this stack" does produce "schedule"

I put in an "answer" command into the first line of the billingNote2 handler in the schedule stack. Not getting an answer.

On a hunch, I changed the script above to:

send "billingNote2" to stack "schedule"

I think it works now. I'd guess my code was out of compliance long before the upgrade to LC 4.6.x, but it did work. Did 4.6 start enforcing proper code more strictly? If so, what are the details, or where can I read about them?

If code syntax is being enforced more strictly, I'm going to be fixing non compliant code for days, perhaps weeks!

Thanks in advance.


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