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Wed Aug 24 15:49:06 EDT 2011

Charles Szasz wrote:

> According to McAfee's Second Quarter report Android malware has increased by 76%. The following was reported by AppleInsider...

As with nearly any issue, there are many ways to present the data. 
Here's another view of the same report:

    Malware becomes the measure of success in smartphone market

    Android takes the lead with disappointingly small number of
    threats, as iOS struggles with none


I started a reply to some of the details of the report and their 
implications here, but rather than make another one of my TL/DRs I 
posted it to the LiveCode Journal blog instead:


The bottom line here is well summarized by the portion of the report you 
had quoted:

    "This increase in threats to such a popular platform should
     make us evaluate our behavior on mobile devices and the
     security industry’s preparedness to combat this growth."

Note that the report suggests no distinction of specific devices or OSes 
there, but more wisely notes that such considerations apply to all 
mobile devices.

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