sqlite & mySQl hassles...

John Dixon dixonja at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Aug 26 14:25:04 EDT 2011

To you lot...Bob SneiderMike FelkerMark SchonewillieAdminGerry OrkinThanks for the help you have offered with trying to fathom the problems I am having with mySQL and sqlite... I have not yet sorted out the mySQL connection problem on a real device, but have got to the bottom of my sqlite troubles... :-)I have been using the sqlite manager add-on in Firefox to create sqlite databases... I have used it for a long time to perform this task. Sometime last week I upgraded Firefox to version 6... It turns out that the sqlite databases created with the Firefox 6 sqlite manager have been causing the problem... When creating a table within a database with FireFox there is now another table created... 'sql_sequence'.I noticed this by creating an sqlite database and populating it by script... this 'scripted' database has run perfectly in the iphone simulator... So, just to check, I ran the Firefox 6 creation again and the problems returned...So, I guess the moral here is, don't use the Firefox 6 sqlite manager to create your databases... that's assuming that you do in the first place...:-) Now just to sort out the problem with mySQL running on an iphone..thanks for the input, appreciatedDixe 		 	   		  

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