OT (semi) - Panorama Image Delivery Options

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Thu Aug 25 01:40:16 EDT 2011

We are finally getting into panoramas here. We have got our shooting 
(with "paralax: attachment on a tripod, that keeps the len on center 
during rotation) and stitching working great.

But I'm clueless on delivery. Simple left to right panning, 
stop-at-left-right-edges, is a no brainer and could be done in 
LiveCode.  Galleria (my fav JS slideshows= framework) will handle this 
easily on the web. But the continuous 360 "keep going right and end up 
at the same place" was what I was looking for.

Chipp gave me suggestions years ago about building side scroller games, 
but I don't have them around handy.

Anyone have any experience and advice for:

1) Delivery of panoramic 360 imagers inside LiveCode stacks?   without 
having to resort to QTVR? using Livecode scripting? Or am I 
dreaming....I would love to make some edutainment titles for kids to 
explore.. (they would have to download the stack)

2) And for web delivery of Panos? Any "best of breed" options that you 
like? KR Pano looks interesting; it does HTML5 in addition to Flash.

In a stack one could possibly put multiple buttons side by side and then 
set their image data to the same image and set up a scroller... but it 
would be hard to do hot spots. if you want to click on the bird and have 
an audio play... in a sixth iteration of the photo to the right, the 
bird is a different bird even if it looks the same to the viewer.  hmmm

If anyone had a script for causing a photo to move left and right as the 
mouse approached the edge of the stack window.. that would be helpful too.


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