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I must agree. I used a win98 laptop for 10 years with no AV SW and never had
a virus. It's simple, I tell all my friends four things....1)Go only to,,, and so on. 2) If it
Free(music,video,Kracks) then stay away 3) No porn. 4)Open no email or email
attachments unless you know the source.

Generally other than that your good-to-go. Yah you might get a tracking
cookie once in a while...whatever.

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Excellent article, Richard.

As a former Mac user and now mostly PC user (actually, my Chromebook is
taking up most my time these days), I've always chuckled at the argument
Windows was not safe and therefore should not be used. I can't remember a
single time since I switched to PC's (in 1995 with the release of Win95)
where I suffered any significant downtime due to a virus, even with all the
chicken little, "sky is falling" rhetoric over viruses and PC's vs. Macs.

I certainly won't say it doesn't happen, but then again I recently lost
everything on my Mac laptop because the hard drive just crashed-- and this
after less than 100 hours of use. And then there was the time I knocked a
can of Coke onto the keyboard of my Sony PC Laptop, which immediately fried
it. And of course, the now famous passing of an errant null screen with the
use of  'revDeleteFolder' which started wiping out my entire drive until I
actually pulled the power cable! Hah-- joke's on me! (certainly not funny at
the time and is the reason that I, to this day, always write my own folder
delete routines.)

So, in my case, there are certainly more dire threats than viruses (* is the
plural of viruese virii?).

Hey, BTW folks, if you haven't yet checked out Drobo, you might want to. It
works great for both Macs and PC's! The best backup I have (combined with a
couple hardware PogoPlugs).

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> Charles Szasz wrote:
>  According to McAfee's Second Quarter report Android malware has increased
>> by 76%. The following was reported by AppleInsider...
> As with nearly any issue, there are many ways to present the data. Here's
> another view of the same report:
>   Malware becomes the measure of success in smartphone market
>   Android takes the lead with disappointingly small number of
>   threats, as iOS struggles with none
> <**security/196625/malware-**
> >
> I started a reply to some of the details of the report and their
> implications here, but rather than make another one of my TL/DRs I posted
> to the LiveCode Journal blog instead:
> **>
> The bottom line here is well summarized by the portion of the report you
> had quoted:
>   "This increase in threats to such a popular platform should
>    make us evaluate our behavior on mobile devices and the
>    security industry's preparedness to combat this growth."
> Note that the report suggests no distinction of specific devices or OSes
> there, but more wisely notes that such considerations apply to all mobile
> devices.
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