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Wed Aug 24 14:30:55 EDT 2011

On 8/24/11 1:05 PM, Ken Ray wrote:
> On Aug 24, 2011, at 12:10 PM, ron barber wrote:
>> Hi,
>> A user is reporting a problem with my software and I have traced it
>> back to an opening call to revcopyfolder. He is on a Mac 10.6. I sent
>> him two other stacks that simply call revcopyfolder and they fail,
>> returning execution error in the result. The paths check out and I
>> have never had a report like this before. Can anyone suggest what
>> might be going on? I know revcopyfolder uses Applescript but could
>> that be the cause?
> Absolutely - the result "execution error" only comes from trying to
> run an AppleScript that has a problem.

There may be something wonky going on with folders in 10.6 and maybe 
10.7. I've had some weird experiences that are not always reproducible.

Part 1: I have a function with a simple repeat loop that just looks for 
a uniquely numbered folder name so I can create a new numbered folder 
the same way the standalone builder does. It works fine on my iMac. If I 
move the stack to my MacBook Pro (same OS, same version of LiveCode) it 
fails the "there is a folder" check. The same thing happened to one of 
my testers.

For example, I want a folder named "myfolder" and if one exists, append 
a number until there is no folder with that name. Assume there's already 
an existing folder named "myfolder". The next time I call the function 
and it hits this line:

   if there is a folder ("myfolder" & x) then...

it should return false because "myfolder 1" has not yet been created. 
But it returns true. The function then returns the name "myfolder 2".

If I immediately run the function again, it returns "myfolder 3". I can 
repeat that indefinitely, even though no folders have actually been 
created at all.

To make sure I wasn't hallucinating, I used Terminal to run "ls -a" to 
view the directory contents. There were no numbered folders in the 

I have no explanation, and it doesn't happen on my iMac.

Part 2: Someone on Lion, using the same stack, has no problem with the 
folder check and gets a correctly-named folder to hold some created 
files. But when a handler later tries to access the files from that 
folder, LiveCode reports the files do not exist -- even though they are 
visible in Finder and the file path is correct. It feels like a related 
problem but I'm not sure how exactly. I can't repro this one.

It's weird and I'm stuck.

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