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Hi Chris,

Don't believe everything that's written. I can imagine that some command line apps don't work well with the open process command, but quite a few work fine. I did a tutorial for the event, showing how to use open process to write to and read from telnet. Closing the process was a bit of a hassle, but telnet itself works fine as a process.

If everything fails, you can write a shell script and run that from AppleScript or tell the Finder to run the AppleScript app that starts the shell script etc... There are quite a few workarounds available in Mac OS X.

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On 23 aug 2011, at 23:01, Nonsanity wrote:

> As per the Dictionary (and my own testing):
> Note:  On OS X systems, you can use the open process command to start up an
> application, but not a Unix process. To work with a Unix process, use the
> shell func instead.
> And it's unix processes that I need to start, not apps. :(
> ~ Chris Innanen
> ~ Nonsanity

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