Grabbing the Date and Time From a Time Server on the Internet

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Mon Aug 15 15:31:25 EDT 2011

Looks like only the time zones applicable to the US, however a simple table of time zones and their +/- relation to Universal Time could easily make this into a capable International Time function, once you knew the user's current time zone. 

This interests me, because while I *could* depend on the system time I suppose, to datetimestamp entries in an SQL table, the user could simply change the system time and date manually to defeat what I was trying to do. Using Universal time gotten just before the update or insert statement would prevent tampering. 


On Aug 15, 2011, at 11:57 AM, stephen barncard wrote:

> Bob, I don't see a "ton of html" at
> It's just about as simple as it could be presented. It took just a few lines
> of Livecode to scrape. Determine AM and PM and one could even translate to
> 24 hour clock. There's about a half second of latency.
> I just see this html:
> <html>
> <body>
> <TITLE>What time is it?</TITLE>
> <H2> US Naval Observatory Master Clock Time</H2> <H3><PRE>
> <BR>Aug. 15, 18:52:50 UTC		Universal Time
> <BR>Aug. 15, 02:52:50 PM EDT	Eastern Time
> <BR>Aug. 15, 01:52:50 PM CDT	Central Time
> <BR>Aug. 15, 12:52:50 PM MDT	Mountain Time
> <BR>Aug. 15, 11:52:50 AM PDT	Pacific Time
> <BR>Aug. 15, 10:52:50 AM AKDT	Alaska Time
> <BR>Aug. 15, 08:52:50 AM HAST	Hawaii-Aleutian Time
> </PRE></H3><P><A HREF=""> US Naval Observatory</A>
> </body></html>

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