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Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 14:51:14 EDT 2011

On 08/11/2011 09:11 PM, Bob Sneidar wrote:
> I cannot speak for others, but I certainly do not. When Napster first came out and all my friends were going crazy over it, downloading everything they could get their hands on, I told them all it was stealing, no matter how they looked at it, because they were taking something without the owner's permission.
> Later when Apple released iTunes I found myself going back and buying again music I had already paid for in the past, in the form of CD's, cassette tapes, lp's etc, some of them several times because I would wear them out or they would become damaged.
> Now no one seems very concerned that I paid for something several times over.

I am; and I have absolutely NO qualms about downloading mp3 files of 
tracks fom records I bought in 1980.

Similarly, I bought a North American DVD of "Ticket to Heaven" (my favourite
film for obvious reasons) and found I could not play it in Bulgaria; I 
didn't hesitate to rip it and make a region-free copy (which I keep in 
the same box as the original);
having paid for the blasted thing I should at least be able to watch it!

> No one is at all concerned in the industry that I may have paid more than my fair share. But that is okay, because I had the choice, and I chose to pay to have it in a form that FINALLY I could keep indefinitely without degradation of quality, even though it must be admitted that it doesn't cost anywhere near as much to distribute electronically as it did to do so using physical media.
> So everyone can claim unfair treatment, but it really revolves around what two entities agree to, and what the intent of use for copied material is. My contract with the music industry was fulfilled when I gave them my money and they delivered the product with certain restrictions on the fair use and reproduction of the product. While it is clearly unfair for me to make copies and give it to my friends, I find it equally unfair for them to tell me I cannot make backups, or that they could care less that this is the fifth time I have paid them for something.
> Everyone seems to have a bone to pick.
> Bob
> On Aug 11, 2011, at 10:50 AM, Warren Samples wrote:
>> I can't escape the feeling that a part of what some of you are saying is that you feel the entities that produced the material have received what you believe to be a fair return and they should not be entitled to receive anything more and therefore any future use of that product shall be without cost to you. Is that really what you think? Is it really reasonable?
>> Sincerely,
>> Warren
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