Stack Size Changes

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Thu Aug 11 01:30:00 EDT 2011

Hi Paul,

I'm on OS 10.6.8

I'll bet it's the dock. Wait. I'll try it right now...

Oopsie! Same issue with the dock on the left.

For now, this behavior is replicable.

Trial and error: If I set the height to 717, close and reopen, it stays at 717. Same for 718. If I set it to 719, close and re-open, it re-opens with a new height of 716. Any height greater than 718 resets the stack height to 716, unless I prevent it by script.

At other times, it has cropped itself to 692, 693, and 696. This morning it was cropping itself to 712.

I tried various values for the top of the stack. For now, the behavior is the same whether the top of the stack is 21, 51 or 71, so the windowBoundingRect may not be a factor. 

Repeating information posted earlier:
The screenrect is 0,0,1280,800,
The windowBoundingRect is 4,50,1280,800, presumably the default value
The desired rect of the stack is 10,51,1270,793. That's a height of 42.
If I set the rect of the stack to that value by script, it seems to work normally.

I haven't added or altered any menus.

Maybe this is a little bug?



On Aug 10, 2011, at 8:48 PM, Paul Looney wrote:

> Tim,
> Are you using OS X?
> Two things on OS X can cause vertical resizing problems:
> 1. The dock
> If the dock is on the bottom of the screen (even if it is hidden) stacks can be shortened to accommodate area for the dock. Try it on the side and see if that makes a difference.
> 2. Menus
> Paul Looney
> On Aug 10, 2011, at 1:29 PM, Timothy Miller wrote:
>> On suspendStack
>> answer the height of this stack
>> pass suspendStack
>> end suspendStack
>> The height is 742
>> Same for on closeStack -- last instruction before stack closes -- the height is 742
>> On preOpenStack
>> answer the height of this stack -- first instruction, before doing anything else
>> pass preOpenStack
>> end preOpenStack
>> The height is 712 on some occasions. On other occasions it might be 692 or 696, and so on.
>> The width does not change.
>> Is this a possible bug? Is this a feature I don't know about?
>> It's on a laptop, but the rect of the stack is smaller than the screenRect.

>>> On Aug 10, 2011, at 7:57 AM, Timothy Miller wrote:

>>> So, heerza deal,
>>> One stack, several cards, two groups on each card, groups behave as backgrounds. Top of one group is 1, bottom is 199. Top of second group is 200, bottom is 740. This group has a vertical scroll bar.
>>> "Resizable" for the stack is turned off. "Lock size and position" is on, for both groups.
>>> I set the height of the stack to 742. Save. Close the stack. Open it. The height is now less than 742. Sometimes it's 712. Sometimes it's 692, or 696, or possibly other values.
>>> There are no scripts that alter card size, group size or stack size.
>>> Repeat. Same thing. The change of height is inconsistent, even if I do nothing to the stack except open, change the height, and close.
>>> When the stack size gets smaller, I can't scroll to the bottom of the lower group, and the arrows at the bottom of the scroll bar get cut off.
>>> I noticed this issue a few weeks ago, on the same stack. Then it stopped happening.
>>> Now it's doing it again.
>>> I looked at the message watcher when closing the stack. Didn't understand everything I saw, but nothing surprising.

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