how can I wait for revCopyFolder execution?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Aug 11 07:10:38 EDT 2011


Here's a sample AppleScript. 

	tell application "Finder"
		set myFile to POSIX file "~/desktop/file.txt"
		set myNewFile to POSIX file "~/desktop/file2.txt"
		copy myFile to myNewFile
	end tell
on error myErr number myNr
	set myScript to "answer error \"A problem occurred (" & myErr & ")\""
	tell application "LiveCode 4.6.1" to do script myScript
end try

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On 11 aug 2011, at 12:54, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:

> Hello,
> I want to copy a big folder by script and wait for the result to prompt an
> appropriate message.
> But after fireing revCopyFolder my script runs on without waiting for the
> execution of revCopyFolder.
> Is this a normal behavior? Anything I can do to wait for the finish?
> Thanks
> Tiemo

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