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Now for a hard one. 

I am writing a program called GrooveBlox. I
created a menu and have a Track menu - where the user can add and delete
tracks, like a sequencer program. Tracks are like layers and will be
able to be moved around, added to, etc. 

The idea is to have rectangles
(colored) that represent grooves. I want the user to be able to drag and
drop the groove rectangles onto a track (they will SNAP in place) and
build all kinds of grooves. I need to write our the flow diagram still,
but I want to get started on it. 

The audio files are wave files and
more than enough are done to create a product. 

Here is my question
list (it will grow): 

How will I create the tracks - are they groups or
are they substacks? 
How to add tracks to the main stack (track
How to make the tracks SNAP into place, one beneath the
How to move the various tracks above or below each other and
therefore adjust the layers?
How to scroll the track holder once there
are too many tracks to fit on one screen? 
How to drag and drop the
colored rectangles onto the tracks using SNAP (very important since the
grooves are an exact size and loop precisely)? 
How to add the
rectangles to the holding bin? 
How to assign the wave file to the
colored rectangle?
How to play all the tracks in sync with one
How to adjust the panning with the panning slider?
How to
adjust the volume with the volume slider?
How to create a looping
function so you can hear the groove play over and over, and
add/subtract/edit tracks while it is playing in sync? 
How to write a
final wave file mixing all the tracks together. 
Is this the kind of
program that requires a client-side database to keep things remembered? 

Anyone's help is appreciated. 


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