how to copy a folder from preferences under lion?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Aug 10 07:11:40 EDT 2011


My software had a folder and files in /library/Preferences/ where now under
Lion the user has no permissions any more

I want to build a migration tool for my customers to move the folder and
files from /library/Preferences/ to the new location at

I tried: get shell("sudo mv" oldPathAndFolder newPathAndFolder) and same
with ditto. Executing this command just nothing happens, the result returns

I tried it with AppleScript:

Tell "Finder"

do shell script "mv /oldPath/AndFolder/ /newPath/AndFolder/"

end tell

it returns an execution error, when trying to copy from preferences. Copying
from user folders runs fine.

Trying: do shell script "mv /oldPath/AndFolder/ /newPath/AndFolder/ with
administrator rights" returns a compiler error


Why can I move my folder from preferences with the terminal using "sudo mv",
but not from within LC? What am I doing wrong? Or is Jans proposal to build
a separate executable and elevate the rights the only way to get
permissions? (no idea yet how to do that, therefore not tested it yet)

Thanks for any help





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