[Server] create stack trouble

jacques CLAVEL jacques.clavel at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 16:58:02 EDT 2011

I agree, Pierre,

Nice job from RunRev guys. Now the On-Rev client has to be updated, and all
will be perfect.


2011/8/9 Pierre Sahores <sc at sahores-conseil.com>

> Hi Björnke,
> The main goal of using the server's stack component is to let us store our
> code as password protected libraries instead of storing it in unprotected
> flat text .irev components. This server's stack component is useful each
> time we need to install our LC-server solutions on clients servers on a
> license basis contract.
> In this sense, the server's stack component fits all the n-tier development
> expectable needs and, from my point of view at least, RunRev did a 100%
> perfect work in realizing it. We are now able to deliver our solutions in
> the same ways Java or Zend developers are doing with their own protected
> libs. I have to add that this new component works 100% fine in any situation
> my apps needs to address and that RunRev need to be warmly thanks for all
> the great opportunities that we become able to cover in using it.
> More : on Posix platforms at least, our .lc+.livecode driven server's apps
> are running in multi-thread mode under the control of the underlying OS +
> Apache CGI gateway components. As we would say there in southern Europe :
> "C'est la totale !"
> More2 : n-tier development need to be designed with different eyes we use
> to develop desktop apps (and relevant stack's components). LC has yet become
> a perfect development platform in both worlds and we just have to choose the
> right ways to go to get the job done.
> ;D
> Le 9 août 2011 à 15:47, Björnke von Gierke a écrit :
> > As someone said "why use stacks when you could save your things into text
> files". He's right and actually that makes more sense then using the
> currently available, partially implemented stacks at all
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