regex to locate text and colorize it in a list

John Craig john at
Tue Aug 9 19:49:28 EDT 2011

That should be exactly what the snippet does - maybe I got your test data wrong.  An occurrence of the first item in the fourth item is colorised.

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On 10 Aug 2011, at 00:25, Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at> wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 6:19 PM, John Craig wrote:
>> Hi, Roger.  Here's a quickie - create a stack with two fields ('in' and
>> 'out')  put your data into field 'in' and the following into the button
>> script;
>> on mouseUp
>>  set itemDel to tab
>>  put fld "in" into tData
>>  put the num of lines in tData into tLines
>>  repeat with i = 1 to tLines
>>     put item 1 of line i of tData into tNumber
>>     replace tNumber with "<font color=red>" & tNumber & "</font>" in item
>> 4 of line i of tData
>>     put "<br>" after line i of tData
>>  end repeat
>>  set the htmlText of fld "out" to tData
>> end mouseUp
>> HTH
>> :)
> Thank you John!  However, my goal is to only make a portion of the filename
> red, not the entire filename. I need to locate, line by line, where the text
> matches the text from the first column of that line, and ONLY affect the
> color of those chars.
> ˜Roger
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