regex to locate text and colorize it in a list

John Craig john at
Tue Aug 9 18:19:23 EDT 2011

Hi, Roger.  Here's a quickie - create a stack with two fields ('in' and 
'out')  put your data into field 'in' and the following into the button 

on mouseUp
    set itemDel to tab
    put fld "in" into tData
    put the num of lines in tData into tLines
    repeat with i = 1 to tLines
       put item 1 of line i of tData into tNumber
       replace tNumber with "<font color=red>" & tNumber & "</font>" in 
item 4 of line i of tData
       put "<br>" after line i of tData
    end repeat
    set the htmlText of fld "out" to tData
end mouseUp



On 09/08/2011 22:21, Roger Eller wrote:
> 12345 TAB 1234567890 TAB true TAB
> /folder/anotherFolder/yetAnotherFolder/FileName_with_UnderScores_and_12345_more_text.zzz
> 22345 TAB 1234567891 TAB true TAB
> /folder/anotherFolder/FileName_with_22345_and_UnderScores_and_more_text.zzz
> 32345 TAB 1234567892 TAB true TAB
> /folder/FileName_with_more_text_than_before_and_32345_and_etc_and_more_text.zzz

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