regex to locate text and colorize it in a list

Roger Eller roger.e.eller at
Tue Aug 9 17:21:51 EDT 2011

I have a list of data in a plain table field (not a datagrid).  The format
of the listis like so:

12345 TAB 1234567890 TAB true TAB
22345 TAB 1234567891 TAB true TAB
32345 TAB 1234567892 TAB true TAB

I want to locate within the long filename, whatever is in the first column
of the list, and set its foreColor to red. The quantity of underscores will
vary in the filenames, and the text I want to colorize could be at any item
location.  In the example, I want 12345 in the filename to be red.  I'm
thinking some kind of regex / matchText scenario.  Ideas?


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