Stack Password Protection

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Mon Aug 8 20:00:03 EDT 2011

Hi Andrew,

You can set the password of a stack from the message box. The syntax is:

set the password of this stack to "foo"

Replace foo with your password. To remove the password, do this:

set the passkey of this stack to "foo"
set the password of this stack to empty

Select inclusions manually in the standalone settings, because LiveCode can't search password-protected stacks for required inclusions.

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On 9 aug 2011, at 01:41, Andrew Kluthe wrote:

> Hey all,
> I have an application that uses several different stackfiles that are loaded
> by a standalone launcher (sort of like stackrunner). I want to be able to
> encrpyt the stackfiles so that the user can't just open up the stacks in a
> text editor and see my code.
> I can't find a lot of information on how password protecting stacks works in
> this scenario.
> Has anyone here delivered an application with password protected stackfiles
> before?
> Things to look out for?
> The stacks in question get saved to disk frequently with preference changes.
> Not sure if password protection affects the way this works.
> Thanks in advance for the help,
> Andrew

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