Converting HTTP to FTP URL

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Aug 8 11:24:21 EDT 2011

On 8/8/11 12:32 AM, Jim Ault wrote:

> As admin, if you give a user a login and passwd for the subdomain,
> they should only have ftp access to that folder tree.

Yes, I think that would work. The problem is that the typical user will 
own the whole thing, including subdomains, and the issue happens if they 
log in as a main admin and try to ftp to a subdomain folder.

> When you do find the answer that works for your server, document this
> with several examples of working and non-working strings so you can
> figure it out next time.

If that was all I needed to do, it would have been finished last Friday. 
:) I know how my own server is set up, but I can't predict how anyone 
else's will be arranged, or which domain/subdomain they will log into.

 From the other responses, I think I need to just ask for separate paths.

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