Success with LiveCode Server, Mac OS X server and revigniter

Martin Koob mkoob at
Tue Aug 2 10:46:37 EDT 2011

I have installed Livecode server on Mac OS X server and have the got the
revignitor chat tutorial running.  There were a couple of bumps on the way I
thought I should share in case someone else it trying to get livecode server
running on Mac OS X server.

I first tried following the instructions in the release notes that accompany
the 4.6.3 server and I felt like Johnny Cash building his cadillac, when I
went to put in the motor all the holes were gone.  I hadn't realized that
the instructions in the release notes were for the regular version of Mac OS
X and there would be differences for Mac OS X server.  

I managed to find a good explanation of how to install the prerelease
revserver on Mac OS X server.

I had to of course change the references to revserver and irev-script to
livecode-server and livecode-script etc. 
One change to the above instructions was that I kept the ability to
recongnize both irev and lc extensions by adding handlers for both in the
httpd.conf file

AddHandler livecode-script lc
AddHandler livecode-script irev

Perhaps future versions of the release notes should have a section
specifically for Mac OS X Server based on the instructions there.

Next I wanted to test the installation this by installing revigniter
( and try the chat tutorial.   I got the chat tutorial
files from the RevUp newsletter on the same topic:
It has a link to the completed tutorial files which I downloaded and placed
in the folders indicated.

Since the tutorial needed database access I installed mySQL on MaC OS X
server and set up the chat database.

Then I tried to load the chat page.

At first it did not work.  It came up with the following error.

'The model you are loading is a resource that is already being used:

I found what was causing that error.  At the end of the chat.irev file there
is a line that calls the controller handler 'chat'.  If I commented out the
call to the 'chat' controller handler it worked.  Elsewhere in the
documentation it said you were supposed to call the controller handler with
the same name as the controller file at the end of the script. Anyway not
calling it made things work.

The other error in the chat.irev was in the 'index' handler.

In the 6th line
put varPost("name", TRUE) into tPOSTname 
should be
put rigvarPost("name", TRUE) into tPOSTname

After changing these two lines I was running the chat application on the
server on my local network.

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