[OT] Unboxing the Acer Android Tablet

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Again, I disagree. 

I bought all the angry birds apps, along with
tons of other games and the Nvidia Tegra dual core SHINES. Every kid
that has played it (I am a administrator at a camp this summer) LOVES
IT. They say it rivals their xbox 360 and playstation 3. The Ipad 2 is
good, but not THAT good. Sorry. No choppiness here. Check to see if
something is draining your memory. Get an app that saves battery and
automatically closes programs. What you may not know about the Iconia
(and hence most android 3.0 devices) is that it multithreads and all the
apps are still running. You have to shut them off to ensure a quality


On Tue, 02 Aug 2011 07:01:06 -0400, Colin Holgate

> I had hoped that like the iPad it might charge over the fat
USB cable, and I did eventually try that (surprising how hard it is to
find a USB type A to type A lead), but it wouldn't charge.
> I was
wrong about the power adapter not being strong enough, I was using the
wrong one! With the right one it powers ok while it charges, but it
doesn't allow system updates until the battery is at 30% charge.
The main things Chipp said that seemed wrong was about the screen. I've
seen colleagues who use their iPad at the default energy saving
brightness, they just don't know how amazingly bright the iPad screen
can be! I can imagine that if you compare that against the Acer that you
might think the Acer was better, but the iPad at it's full brightness
makes most Android screens look dull. The Acer isn't dull, but it isn't
better than the iPad.
> And the resolution isn't "much" better. The
wide screen can be useful when playing Angry Birds Rio levels, but the
actual DPI is only 149 versus 132. 132 is already fairly high, and
unless I wear reading glasses and try to look for differences, I
wouldn't describe the extra 12% as being that much better.
> Playing
Rio can get very choppy on the Acer, I'm curious whether the new system
update will help that. I'm still only at 19% charge, so it won't let me
do the update yet.
> On Aug 2, 2011, at 12:30 AM, J. Landman Gay
>>> Unfortunately the Acer doesn't charge over USB
>> My
Archos didn't either, until I bought a USB charger cable for six bucks
on ebay.
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